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Mormon Mothers Unite!

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6/14/10 10:52 am - koroleva_sveta - Hyde Park

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8/27/08 01:48 pm - mtvtruelife08 - MTV True Life is now casting for "I'm Having Twins"

Hi there,
I hope you don't mind my posting in this community, but I work for MTV True Life in New York and am working on research and casting for a new round of episodes, one of which is called, "I'm Having Twins". I'm trying to get the word out about our show to as many potentially interested individuals as possible. We're looking for young women who are pregnant with multiples and would want to tell their story on True Life. I've pasted our casting call below, and anyone who's interested can contact me directly at the included email address. Or, if you know someone you think might be interested, feel free to pass the info along to them. Thank you so much, and have a great day!


Are you pregnant… with twins, triplets, or even more? Were you previously unable to conceive, but with the help of fertility drugs, now expecting multiple babies? Are you concerned about the financial, physical, and emotional toll of taking care of more than one newborn, or the possibility of complications during pregnancy or birth? Is this your first pregnancy, and perhaps an unexpected one? Were you looking forward to an active lifestyle or career that you are now going to have to put on hold? Or is this the first step in creating the big family you’ve always wanted? Have you always wanted twins, and now your dream is coming true? If you’re pregnant with multiples, MTV wants to hear from you.


If you appear to be between the ages of 17 and 28 and identify with any of the above, MTV wants to hear your story. Email us at twins@mtvn.com. Please be sure to include your name, location, phone number, and a recent photo.


10/5/06 11:01 pm - breathing_lost - Newbie

Hey, I'm new and I hope this is the right community to join. My name is Heather, I'm 24 years old, married, and have a 3 month old daughter named Taylar. I haven't been active in the church for a while, but suddenly feel like I need to be. I have this overwhelming feeling that I need to start getting active for my daughter and for myself.

I hope to get to know a lot of you. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been a member my whole life. Just to let you know a little more about me, I'm a tv and movie addict. My favorite shows right now are Lost, Veronica Mars, and it used to be Gilmore Girls until the show started to go downhill. I'm a HUGE Johnny Depp fan and have been sine the 21 Jump Street Days. I love making graphics on the computer, although since the birth of my daughter I haven't had the time to really make graphics like I used to. I love meeting new people and can't wait to get to know all of you!

9/25/05 08:46 am - onlyangil

I am 18 and about 8 months ago stop going to my ward, since then I have moved. This is all do to me being preganat, I am Due Nov 11th. I am worried about how pwoplw at the church will take it, me, all of it. I wasnt brought up in the church, and still have alot of qus. Please pray for my strength as I go start to go back to church as well as for my my labor. If there is anything you can share with me please do!

4/19/05 11:02 am - pan1xtrkin - Hello

Hi my name's Kerry, i'm 22 and have a 3yr old son named Joshua. I was baptized when Joshua was 4 mnthsold and have never looked back even though i have had difficult times. I love being a mother to my son and am trying to raise him as best i can. We enjoy going for walks in the forest by our home and we emjoy singin primary songs together.

That's a little introduction about myself, i thought i would join this community as i am the only Latter Day Saint in my family and i sometimes find it hard to explain things to my mother. also i know how hard it can be to fit in study time around your childre. Last night i drew up a table which is stuck on my kitchen door. every night i fill in what scriptures ive studied and if ive filled in my personal journal at hime. its on my kitchen door as i know once i head up to bed i will think im too tired to study this way i remind myself through the day that i need to set a time aside for this purpose.

Sorry for going on it's nice to meet you all


1/30/05 07:35 pm - stellarstarrise - Hello

My name is Misty, and -oh yes! - I am a Mormon mother. I was baptized while carrying my first daughter (Kyrie, stillborn in '02) and I am currently battling my second daughter (Adia, April 2003) for the right to play with the keyboard first. I'm not a very good member, I'm afraid: I forget to do my visiting teaching and I hate getting out of bed before 10 AM when I've only just gotten into it at 5. So there we have it, that's my confession. But I'm still a Mormon mom.

I believe in breastfeeding. My daughter still enjoys her snacks at naptime and bedtime. I sleep with my child. (And my husband, too.) I intend to send her off on a mission, and I *know* I have to start going to church, even if I'm afraid I'll sleep through Sacrament. I joined this community hoping to find ways to enrich my life and my daughter's life and our home through other LDS moms. We don't get out much (I'm really nearsighted) and I like to talk. A lot.

I live in Washington State, in the Spanaway Ward. (Tacoma area.) Umm.

In what little free time I have, I write, read, knit, sew, crochet, and I'm renovating a huge house. It's kind of a large family heirloom, and I need a lot of ideas.

That's me. Glad to meet you all.

1/26/05 01:23 pm - holesticbettie

Welcome to all the new mommies.

I am sorry that I have not been posting very much. I have been constantly napping or sleeping or eatting. I really have not been up to sitting online. I hope all is well for everyone. And I hope to update everyone soon.

1/18/05 01:02 pm - pleiades829 - My intro

Hi folks! My name is Elizabeth (22), my husband is Orion (24), and we are expecting TWIN GIRLS due June 2. He's a BS student in Computer Science at BYU, and I am (for the moment) a MA student in Linguistics. I'll probably be quitting school altogether, or at least switching to a program that can be completed through night classes.

I'm really interested in this community because I'm keenly aware of my responsibility as a LDS mother to raise my children in the gospel. I'm a convert, and my husband's family is almost entirely inactive, so I feel like I don't have anyone to model. I don't know what FHE is like with children. I don't know anything about teaching children to pray, or being involved in Primary or any of that stuff! So I look forward to the opportunity of swapping ideas with you gals.

1/18/05 01:12 pm - ex_windvespe872 - I Joined!

Here I am!  I'm a mormon mommy!  Always in the mood for meeting more mormon mommies and hearing about all that goes on.. offering support and so on :)

1/18/05 12:33 pm - holesticbettie

I thought I should make a post here. Maybe if I do more Mormon mothers would like to join!

My name is Bettie, my husband Sean and I have been married since 2002. We are now expecting our first child in July of this year. We are very excited!
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